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"We don't need to predict the future, we need to let children create it"


This statement really stands out to me as I build out the "day in a life" of a Catalyst Learner. We spend so much time thinking about how to prepare students for a future that we can't predict. For me, it's prompted by fear -as if somehow it feels better to say "i think that this is what will happen and therefore put my child on this path". Then if the prediction doesn't come true, we have something to blame!

I feel the same about "discovering passions". My experience as an educator has led me to the idea that students need to build/create their passions. Too often, I hear school leaders describe their pedagogy as one where students are able to learn academic content through their passions. But how often do students (of any age) really know what their passions are? And how many times have we seen a child who really loves dinosaurs come to hate it because now its associated with rote memorization math or language arts?

Would love to hear other's opinions on what you do, as parents or educators to help your young people BUILD their passions.

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