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Catalyst First Project - Ideation Schools

We are so excited to announce the development team for Catalyst's first project - Ideation Schools. It utilizes Catalyst's design principles for students in a full time middle school that aims to become a proof of concept that students thrive when they are given choice, time, tools, and seen by educators as successful.

Ideation School will provide students, a unique personalized academic structure paired with studios that combine Social Innovation, Engineering, Science, Humanities and Art for students to develop creative confidence and the mindset of an innovator.

Ideation Schools will be a network of micro schools with under 100 students in each location to maximize student/teacher connections and will be established in areas of Los Angeles that serve a wide range of diverse communities. In the plans are unique structures to provide a low student to teacher ratio, community connections, radically unique funding models, real world impact and educator to educator professional development opportunities.

The co-founders - Jean Kaneko, John Umekubo, and Cindy Beals have each close to 30 years of teaching, inventing, designing, learning design, and leading innovation in education, industry and educator education in countries all over the world. Ideation is a culmination of their dreams, research, testing, and designing to create education that aligns with today's rapidly changing, creativity demanding and opportunity filled world.

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