Catalyst Learners know that their work is relevant and impactful. Technology has leveled the playing field for innovators through self-publishing, crowd sourced financing, social media marketing, low cost prototyping costs and access to mentors and funders. Catalyst partners with industry leaders to finance Learner's products, services and technologies. 

Catalyst Learners take on real worlds clients to practice their design thinking skills and to develop portfolios of high level work to make them competitive for colleges of their choice. 

Middle and High School learners live at the intersection of curiosity, imagination and creativity as they tackle real world problems in their community. 

Creating fast prototypes allows learners to build empathy for their problem and to learn how to communicate their ideas in the most effective manner. 

The Human Centered Design Thinking approach encourages them to challenge themselves to take on real world challenges that is personal and to build unique solutions to their specific needs finding. 

When learners deeply care about a social community problem that they know can have real impact, they are self motivated to learn content and skills they need. Showing, not telling is one of our mottos that drive learners to take action.


Prototypes are designed to solicit feedback to  further improve designs. Maker Centered tools - like coding, building, technology, engineering, circuitry etc. are used as a tool, keeping in mind the purpose and impact on the audience. 

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