Catalyst's mission is  to create a network of Micro Community Schools that bring together the community to serve its own young people. Each school provides their community, the learning opportunities and wrap around services that it needs to draw out the strengths in all its young people by providing transparent, student driven, intrinsically motivating, real world impact programming. 


From scheduling, to personalized academics in the form of one on one, online or small group, to developing passions and purpose for a fulfilling life, Catalyst Learners are  the drivers of their education. 

Micro Schools are schools that are modern day "one room schoolhouses" with a smaller than typical classroom, multi-age grouping and the flexibility through use of technology for students to enter states of flow, where deep learning can take place. 

Community Schools seek to support  communities with a powerful equity strategy that is designed to identify and address inequitable practices, disrupt the systems that perpetuate educational and economic disparities, and create opportunities for all through partnerships with stakeholders from the community.   Each community school looks different in each community but have four key features according to the research conducted by the Learning Policy Institute - (1) providing students and families with meaningful access to needed services and supports; (2) strengthening and sustaining family and community engagement; (3) offering expanded learning time and opportunities; and (4) supporting collaborative leadership and shared decision making within the school and with community partners. 

Personalized education is the buzz word ​right now but what does it actually look like?

Catalyst schools  have  Academic Coaches, who work with learners and families to create pathways that makes sense to the individual learner. Core Academics like math, languages, and writing are offered through an E-Learning platform that partners with leading online middle and high schools like Stanford Online School, Laurel Springs, Johns Hopkins and more.  Some learners may be served with one on one facilitation while others gain their growth through small group projects. 

Advisor Coaches follow Learners throughout their time at Catalyst and bring together all the stakeholders necessary to keep the Learner's path consistent with goals. 

Advisors work with all Learners to create structure to grow skills needed to self-organize, be independent, self advocate and higher learning skills that they will need in college and beyond. It's the Advisor's role to provide social emotional skills training and other wellness studies for a complete humanistic education. 

Catalyst network schools benefit from the research conducted at Catalyst, curriculum resources developed by partner schools and educators, legal and management assistance, starter packets with administration forms and guidelines.


Each Catalyst school subscribes to the ARCH design principles and makes the implementation their own.


Network schools also have access to our unique Learning Management System designed specifically to maximize personalization, project management,  documentation portfolios and assessments without having students sitting in front of computers for hours per day. 

We believe that personalized learning is not what level you are working on on the computer. We believe that personalization is tapping into passions to bring learning ALIVE. 

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