Educational Programs​


Catalyst designs and builds schools for Learners that offer personalized opportunities to develop the academic and creative confidence necessary to navigate the unpredictable future.


Personalized Academics: Academic Coaches work with families to assess and design a program for core academics based on goals. Catalyst partners with leading online accredited schools, provides small group instruction and one on one tutoring. 

All Catalyst schools utilize Mastery Transcripts along with standards based  competency goals for all students. 

Studios:  Learners  work with coaches to seek out and discover their PASSIONS and develop real world solutions to co-designed prompts, real world clients and individual interests to construct their individual PURPOSE. They are afforded a unique opportunity to have 3-4 hours every day to master skills and build prototypes and products that have real world applications. 

Inspired by MIT Media Lab, work that Learners designate as long term work, will be presented to the Catalyst Innovation Institute Incubator for funding and mentorship from industry leaders. The hope is that this can be developed into licensing agreements that benefit both the Learners and Catalyst. Membership organizations can access the intellectual properties of Catalyst's Learners to develop as they see fit. 

Unique Funding Models - Catalyst schools are funded through tuition, philanthropy, industry partnerships and unique professional development programs for educators from other educational institutes.